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2011 - 2022

Following the death of Fr. Stefano Gobbi (June 29, 2011), the Church asked the MMP to give a canonical structure to the Movement, in order to preserve the founding charism and obtain official recognition. On the impulse of Fr. Quartilio Gabrielli, Fr. Gobbi's closest collaborator for many years up to his death, statutes were drawn up and approved by the various national leaders of the MMP and by the Bishop of Como, who in 2013 issued the decree of juridical recognition of the Marian Movement of Priests as a private association of the faithful according to the norms of Canon Law.

In June 2013, Fr Laurent Larroque in agreement with the superiors of his religious community accepted to be the International Coordinator of the Marian Movement of Priests, MMP. In 2019 Fr. Laurent was asked by his superiors to return to his community and be present full-time which he did out of obedience.

On June 27, 2019, Don Luca Pescatori during the International Spiritual Retreat of the MMP in Collevalenza, Italy, was elected the new International Coordinator of the MMP. Since then Don Luca has been fulfilling the assignment of Coordinator as much as he has been allowed by his Bishop.  

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